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A First Nations owned and opperated nonprofit that was created to help our at-risk youth Indigeonous and non-native youth.

Mentoring our youth through challenging but fun activities. Nature conservation from a First Nations View, in-depth teaching about fruits of our Mother Earth, how to identify and use these wonderful gifts from Our Sacred source of life, Unci Maka.

Guiding our future generations in positive directions, developing strong and confident leaders for the future through individual mental and physical challenges.

Native Youth

We as First Nations People struggle with living in today's world. We are caught in 2 different worlds trying to find our way and want to succeed in both, our traditional ways of living and in a colonized, judgmental society. Our youth suffer an identity crisis "where do I fit in?","how many likes did I get?" 

Self Identity

Finding who we are and what we are about is a challenging, grueling but wonderful journey of self exploration through activities, hobbies, and repetition

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