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Tried By Fire was created to help our Native American at-risk youth, at-risk youth and all youth because our children are the future and we have an obligation to help, educate and guide them all regardless of who they are and where they come from.



Shawn Kevin Stone Calf Hudson

President and And Founder


I am a tribally enrolled member of the Yup'ik People from Quinhagak Alaska from my mothers side, and Warm springs and Italian from my fathers side

I am a sun dancer and try to be as traditional as I can in this world that we live in. I am a Certified Recovery Mentor, business owner. with my backround and history i am able understand and connect with our youth and with some of the issues that they struggle with in todays society.


Mary Ann Rbiqueen

Mary Ann is from Riverside California, she is an avid outdoor enthusiast, has completed the spartan trifecta challenge.

she loves staying active and working with youth. she is an awesome volunteer with lots of experience to offer to what we are doing. She is such a blessing to the cause.


Josh Johnson

At a young age I was subjected to traumatic events in life and without tools to process or cope with or properly work through the trauma and form healthy habits to handle anger stress, sadness and grief. It wasn't until many years later and after being tried by the fire of my own poor decisions and rugged path I had chose in life that I was able begin healing myself by speaking with counselors, completing bridges to safety and several anger management courses that I was able to begin my healing. I  am currently in the process of becoming a certified recovery mentor. Having walked a path that many of our Youth walk that considers them to be "At-Risk" I am experienced with being able to provide them with the tools needed for healthy choices which will help them become productive members of society.

Meet Our             Board   Of Directors


Shawn Kevin Stone Calf Hudson

Tribally enrolled Yup'ik (eskimo) from Quinhagak Alaska, warmsprings and Italian


Angi Eagan 

is a strong Native American woman who is also a 

Proud member of a Native Community in the Portland area, serves on other nonprofit boards within Oregon and is dedicated to helping people who are in need


Venica Ftacek

Studied Communications/Rites of Passage at Antioch University Santa Barbara Is from Oaji California.



Christy-Ortivez Hudson

Cheyenne, Dine and Hispanic. Christy is from Colorado Springs Colorado. She is a certified CADC 1, QMHA, PSS who works with at-risk, troubled youth in a youth inpatient treatment center.

Culture Keeper

Phillip Downey is a Lakota Native who speaks his language fluently, keeper of songs and educator of songs, singing,, history and origins of songs.

executive Director

This position is Pending designation

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