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In today's world, there are many kids, young adults who struggle with having a positive male role model or even a positive role model in their lives. As a certified Mentor, I have learned that most of the time just being present in their lives is enough. Being able to listen to what they have to say and give them advice or explain to them what I have done when faced with these same situations. For some youth, there is a need for the use of incentives. The implementation of contractual agreements and an incentive reward has worked great. From the beginning, I have used the sport of airsoft as the incentive for correcting behaviors, maturing communicative skills, and so much more. so this is how it works, they participate in a game of airsoft then I ask them how they liked it? you already know the answer, well let's make a deal and, this is the beginning of a whole new experience for the youth.

you can view more of this program at go to the at-risk youth section

Starting this year (2021) we will be starting up an outdoor adventure program where we will be doing "Bushcrafting" and backpack camping. 

Nature Conservation, our impact on the planet, ways to reduce our carbon footprint, helping care for our Unci Maka (Mother Earth), tree and plant identification of medicinal and edible are going to be incorporated into this program as well.



working together, communication, making and setting a plan of action, preparing, planning and execution



sometimes just being there, being present and spending time with them is enough


exploring the great outdoors

getting outside, away from the busy city, away from the distractions, self descovery begins to happen. learning about themselves, learning about their moxy, toughness and inner voice.



building confidence in themselves, learning crafts that will last a lifetime, teaches them a form of meditation



getting out, putting feet on the trail and pushing yourself further and further. the journey of self descovery while enjoying the sights of our beautiful Unci Maka (mother earth).

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